Green squares: progress

Hey here is my green painting in progress, I’ve already started painting the pattern so I’ll try to take a photo of that soon. I’ve been really busy with applying to university and finding a new committee I’m part of to be quite time and energy consuming.

Not to mention at the moment Geelong is hosting the Cycling world championships. In town it’s completely chaotic but I’m really loving the atmosphere. I’ll be making my way down to the Aussie spectators hub tomorrow for the men’s race, in my yellow and green. The weather has been lovely too, tomorrow is supposed to be around 23°c so the weather gods have really blessed us.

Anyway here is the green painting in progress, I finally got it to a point where I like it. Took forever to get there, changing colours many of times.

Thanks for looking :)

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~ by Ambiguous Artistry on October 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Green squares: progress”

  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. You are so “Ambitious” with these large works! Greens are so hard to work with.I am just beginning to appreciate how difficult this must be to get the tones the same from square to square. I would get so lost. Good job!

    • The canvases didn’t look as big as they really are when I bought them. I keep doing that lol. I never new how hard greens were till I started this piece, I normally like using paints straight from the tube but I had to mix one of the light greens and the other I had to use a white base to make it stand out.
      I’ll be really happy to work on some smaller canvases when this is done.

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