Cycling World Championships: Men’s Road Race

Ok so the last week Geelong (where I live) has been inundated with international cyclists for the UCI world championships. Sunday was the Men’s road race and I managed to drag myself out of bed to go watch the majority of the race. The day was perfect, sunny and beautiful. Cycling isn’t a huge sport here in Australia so it’s been a great experience having the international event hosted by my city.

Though I did get a little sunburnt, I spent the whole day sitting in the shade by the road (there were 11 laps of the Geelong ciruit) but once the peloton passed for the final time I sat and watched the end of the race on a big screen in the Aussie hub. Unfortunately for me that was in direct sunlight and I burn very easily.

Here are the cyclists going by

This is me prior to the sunburn waiting by the side of the road, in yellow and green for the Aussies.

And here is a video of the cyclists going by

I had a great day, was really exciting having such a huge event in Geelong, seeing the bay on TV it looked stunning and hopefully this will encourage  more tourists to visit the region.

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~ by Ambiguous Artistry on October 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cycling World Championships: Men’s Road Race”

  1. it sounds like a really cool event

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