Hey everybody,

I’ve been super busy lately. I’ve finally got the university application process over and done with, now I have to wait till January to see if I get in. I have been continuing with my voluntary work and have applied to be part of a national youth representative group. I’ve also started going to craft markets with my cousin, we’ve had the worst luck lately with the weather but hopefully that’ll start to change soon. I can’t wait to put my art out there and see how it goes.

Also big news……. I’M GOING TO ENGLAND :D I’m going in February for a month and I’m super excited. I booked and paid for my flights last week, now I just need to be patient.

Anyway here is my painting I did for the art show back in October, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I have a set of 3 paintings which I have just finished too, I’ll try to take some photos soon. I’m planning on taking them with me to the craft markets.

Thanks for looking :)

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~ by Ambiguous Artistry on November 17, 2010.

18 Responses to “Inception”

  1. Love the stripes! If I stare at it long enough they start moving and running together…Optical illusion fascination. :)

  2. Congratulations on getting your university application completed and how awesome you’re going to England. What fun!

    Love the painting. It came out great. Looking forward to seeing your other 3 paintings.

    • Thanks, I can’t wait for England. I have never been overseas before so it’s going to be a real adventure for me.
      I should be posting pictures of the 3 paintings very soon. I actually sold one today which was nice.

  3. I love your art, but I don’t see how you can paint these with out your eyeballs falling out of your head!Lol
    I like the center symbol with the circular shape as a focal point, not sure if you meant to do it, but it caught my eye. Great stuff and good luck with all your travel and endeavours.

  4. Beautiful painting.
    I like the colour scheme
    Enjoy your trip to england.
    Only thing is, wrap up warm.
    I think we’re gonna have a mighty cold winter. lol

  5. Thanks.

    I have 2 months till I go but I’m definitely preparing myself for the cold. Hopefully I’ll miss some of the crazy hot weather here lol.

  6. congrats on getting all your apps done. that is a lot of work. And your art is so fun. You’ll do well at your craft shows, I know.
    peace n abundance,

    ps thanks for subscribing to my blog. I’m going to do better this year at posting

  7. Hi, I was looking at some of Paul Klee’s work recently and came across some paintings that have some similarities to yours. I was wondering if you get inspiration from his work or share similar artistic ideas.
    I really like the opacity of your work.

  8. Wow, Englad sounds so fun! Also, I love the intricate details in your painting… Fabulous job!

  9. Nice painting. Loved it.

  10. love it!

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